The industry of manufacturing consumer goods is headed towards green criteria and environmental protection. Because of this, materials have been transformed from toxicity to human-friendly health, from plastic to paper, plastic cups to paper cups, plastic bags to paper bags and in which, paper straws are becoming a alternative trend for plastic straws.

How are Paper straws manufactured ?

Paper straws are long and hollow cylinders, they are made of paper material as the name implies. Paper materials to make straws are also very diverse and abundant. There are a variety of thick, hard paper straws that can withstand heat well even when hot liquids, such as hot tea, hot milk or hot cocoa, being specially suitable for business outlets that use to replace materials such as plastic straws, stainless steel ….

Paper straws are colorful, very suitable for glimmering parties, restaurants, hotels, events, milk tea shops, cafes, … Its aesthetics and convenience are extremely suitable with young people. Let’s join hands to protect the green earth with small things like using a paper straw. Click here to view categories of product and order now.

Paper straws – environmentally friendly products

The paper takes only a few months to decompose but the plastic remains hundreds of years in the soil and harms the living environment. Moreover, paper straws are recyclable without adversely affecting wildlife.

There are many articles recommending the removal of using plastic straws to protect the environment and human health. The price of a plastic straw is relatively cheap, so it is often used once and thrown away or discharged directly into the environment. Surely you can imagine the terrible amount with drinking and eating service industry that is developing quickly, such as “take away” drinks or milk tea. So can you imagine how many plastic straws are emitted each day?

In the US, millions of plastic straws are thrown away every day. At least 4.4 billion plastic straws are estimated to be thrown away every year in the UK. Hotels, restaurants are the “consumption agents” of giant plastic straws. The Hilton Waikoloa Village resort on the island of Hawaii, USA used more than 800,000 straws in 2017.

Paper straws – the solution for green industry

In Vietnam, the state of emergency alarms in the densely populated cities like Hanoi, Saigon, Binh Duong … every day emits thousands of tons of waste about 5000-6000 tons / day. One of them is handled by burning, burying, putting in the ground, ….. The other untreated amount is thrown indiscriminately, leading to serious environmental pollution.

We can’t change the world on our own, but it can range from the smallest behaviors like restricting consumer waste, using items that can be reused many times, and individual restaurants selling drink to use decomposed cups, straws … such as paper cups, paper straws …… to help reduce the plastic waste.

Paper straw is created as one of the most effective inventions 100% of raw materials produced from nature. The product is widely used and the community has particularly responded as an alternative to plastic straws, stainless steel … (other persistent materials in the beverage industry).

Paper straws also have many different prices corresponding to each type of paper materials, ranging from 200 VNĐ to 1000 VNĐ / unit. The price of straws for environment protection is generally a little bit higher than plastic straws because the production stage is more complicated with 100% raw materials from clean, non-recycled nature, ensuring absolutely safety for consumers’ health.