According to statistics, Vietnam is the 4th largest country in the world regarding wastewater treatment to the sea, published by the United Nations Environment Program. There are mostly plastic bottles and plastic straws included.

Assess the current types of drinking straw

1. Plastic straw

Advantages: Convenient, low cost due to being able to bulk production in a short time. There are many different sizes, colorful, so can be used for many different drinks and for many different purposes.

Disadvantages: Unique because there are many manufacturers for profit, despite the use of recycled plastics, then using non-food coloring for dyeing. In addition, the process of blowing plastic into a drinking straw can be contaminated with other heavy metals. In addition, as we all know, plastic straws are one of the factors that seriously affect the environment because it takes 400 years for new plastic straw to completely decompose. With colorful drinking straw thrown into the environment will make animals confused with food, they will be injured or killed when ingested. It will need a huge cost to completely solve the problems that waste from plastic straw cause

2. Bamboo straw

Advantages: The product is completely natural, can be used many times, and is an alternative to plastic straw to protect the environment.

Disadvantages: Not handy because of its large size, after each use to clean the drinking straw together. Not meet the large number because many stages are currently done manually, resulting in high prices. There are not many colors to select, the forms of printing on bamboo straw are not diverse and cannot show clear colors.

3. Rice straw

Advantages: As a product made from starch, it is very safe for user health and environmentally friendly. Products after use can be eaten, or if left out of the environment in only a very short time can completely decompose. Colors are more diverse than bamboo straw, because food colors can be used to color the drinking straw.

Disadvantages: Although the vacuum drinking straw itself is very friendly to the environment, the production process needs to be optimized of wastewater sources to be completely environmentally. So, at present the price of rice straw is not competitive. The preservation of rice straw is also an issue to be concerned about, because poor storage will cause mold to the product. There are currently no forms of printing on products, so it is not good for PR to advertise brand-named

4. Grass drinking straw

Advantages: It’s all natural, convenient because it can be used once, easily biodegradable in the environment is the method alternative to plastic straw for environmental protection. Currently, the product is being supplied to the market with 2 types of fresh and dry to facilitate the use of customers.

Disadvantages: The product is currently manufactured entirely by hand, so it cannot meet the bulk quantity, so the product cost is still very high. The product is difficult to preserve, because it must be refrigerated with fresh grass drinking straw. They are easily broken and quite fragile.

These products smell like grass and slightly bitter taste, if will change the smell and taste of the drink. Limited color is only the natural green of grass. There are currently no printing forms used on drinking straw, so it is not good for PR and Marketing.

5. Stainless steel straw

Advantages: Environmentally friendly because can use for a long time. The product is made from steel, so it is very strong, giving very good suction ability. The luxurious and powerful form along with the preservation is very simple.

Disadvantages: The product is not convenient because it must be cleaned after each use. Currently metal drinking straw products are outside the market, original of product is unclear, almost imported from China. So, safety certification for users has not been mentioned, with the source of steel materials to produce the drinking straw. Currently the price of metal straw is still very high, so the investment cost is not small, only suitable for individuals to buy and use.

6. Paper straw

Advantages: Friendly with the environment, because the product is made from FSC certified wood (timber harvested from human-planted forests). After use, it only takes 50 days to completely decompose under normal conditions with no harm to soil and water environment. The product is very safe for users with the certification of the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) allowed to import into the US market. Customizable size, color and print content suitable for PR and Marketing campaigns. The product uses glue and food ink, so it does not cause unpleasant odor and is very safe for users. This is a product made in Vietnam with the meaning of protecting the environment and showing the intelligence of Vietnamese people. With the modern factory system, we can meet all the requirements of quantity and schedule …

Disadvantages: It became soft drinking straw after about 2 hours when using hot drinks and 6 hours when used for cold drinks. Although the product is soft but still completely meets the requirements of use.

In general, each type of straw has its pros and cons. Depending on the purpose of use, we can classify the drinking straw groups for each different object. For businesses in the retail service industry, food … the best option worth considering is Paper straw.

Paper Republic is a joint stock company in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing and supplying paper straw for domestic and international businesses. Proud to be the first paper straw factory in Vietnam to achieve FSC-Coc standard of Forest Stewardship Council – World Forest Stewardship Council, so that each product produced can meet high standards and Most rigorously, our drinking straw are manufactured by a closed line at Paper Republic’s modern plant and the production process is strictly controlled.