Faced with concerns about environmental pollution with rising plastic waste, now consumers have begun to learn and use paper straws to ensure safety for health and environmental protection.

Paper straws, strange but familiar

Green products are common names for environmentally friendly products. These can be natural products or easily recyclable materials, used in the packaging and storage of food daily. The most popular and easy thing to find is the use of natural leaves with large, wide leaves such as banana leaves, lotus leaves … to pack / store food. Paper straws, paper cups from bio paper, biodegradable in the environment.

In addition, green products are products such as non-woven fabric bags, biodegradable nylon bags, reed bags …… used to store things when shopping. In addition, the choice of products that can be used in multiple times such as glass, stainless steel, paper …… is also an extremely smart choice.

Accompanying the trend of green consumption, since 2014, many large retailers have actively produced non-woven fabric bags to form a positive habit for consumers. Garment brands have used cloth bags when selling goods, while foodstuff or fast food shops have changed from plastic bags to paper bags to wrap and pack food. Supermarkets sell environmental protection products. Milk tea and coffee shops also have changed from plastic straws to paper straws.

Because according to research by experts, if destroyed, plastic from plastic straws can pollute the air, leading to many respiratory diseases. If released into the environment, a plastic straw takes 500–1,000 years to decompose completely. In the long term, this will seriously affect both living environment and health.

Increasingly, the concern for the health of society is increasing when we live in a polluted environment from water, air to land. Therefore, this is the decade for Vietnamese people to change their habits of using plastic and plastic bottles, in order to make certain for health and safety of the environment.

The environmentally friendly inventions

Currently, food stores in form of liquid such as milk, juice, soy milk ……… the cans with FSC logo are increasingly popular. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a non-governmental, non-profit organization is responsible for setting out measures to control forest management worldwide.

The purchase of boxes with the FSC logo contributes to supporting global efforts to conserve valuable forest resources for the next generation. This action will substantially contribute to helping maintain a healthy environment.

Paper Republic is one of Vietnam’s largest companies that is distributing paper straws. Paper straws have a function like regular plastic straws but are environmentally friendly because they are made of paper and will decompose outside the environment within 180 days.

Plastic waste is a global threat.

The launch of the paper straw at the end of 2018 will be a significant addition to the green sets for Vietnamese milk tea shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels and families, contributing to the joint effort to solve the problem of plastic waste in Vietnam. Because Vietnam is one of the five countries that is discharging plastic to the sea with a considerable amount in the world, it is estimated that nearly 19,000 tons of plastic waste is discharged into the environment every day in our country in general.

With EOM and Wholesale services, Paper Republic is a manufacturer and distributor of paper straw products with natural materials, ensuring completely good health for consumers. Our paper straws are made by rolling and making adhesion from three to five layers of paper certified by the FDA (USA) and they are also produced by a specialized glue with the total safety and this glue is manufactured by the Henkel Group (Germany). The paper straws always ensure a beautiful, longer-lasting use, entirely safe for users and the environment