The value-added time of plastic straws has ended

The wave of ostracising plastic, especially plastic straws, is spreading around the globe, opening opportunities for businesses to innovate and produce alternative products such as paper straws, drinking straws. stainless steel, rice drinking straws

Plastic straws have been ostracised

Starbucks (USA) announced that they would stop using plastic straws at all 28,000 stores all over the world by 2020 and replaced them with recyclable lids or eco-friendly recycled paper straws.

Hình ảnh: Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

In April 2018, British Prime Minister-Theresa May proposed to enact a law banning the use of plastic straws in the UK. According to the British government, about one million birds and 100,000 marine mammals die each year due to eating plastic debris or getting stuck in plastic waste floating on the sea. A study by the University of California at Davis (USA) found that plastic waste was in 25% of fish sold to humans.

According to estimation, in US particularly, more than 500 million plastic straws are used every day. However, most recycling companies do not accept plastic straws litter because they are too small and too thin, are difficult to recycle. Therefore, most plastic straws are discharged into landfills, threatening the environment. Studies show that it takes 200 years to completely decompose plastic straws in the natural environment.

Public anger for plastic straws flared up after a video causing fever in 2015 shows marine biologists pliers pull a plastic straw out of deep inside the nose of a sea turtle, causing blood to profusely dribble.

Paper straws are on the rise

When plastic straws are ostracized then it’s time for its alternatives, including paper straws and glass straws, to stand out.

America’s largest paper straw maker – Aardvark Straws having its head office in Indiana state, is unable to produce new orders in a rush, prompting some customers to wait three months for delivery. Aardvark Straws was founded in 2007 when the movement against disposable plastic started to appear. This company has continuously grown in the last 10 years. David Rhodes, global business director of

Aardvark Drinking straws, said last year the company achieved an unimaginable growth: 5,000%

A series of retail stores around the world are gradually changing to replace and eliminate plastic items, instead of paper packaging or environmentally compliance biological materials. This is an opportunity for businesses to develop biological packaging, but still must mention the challenges that are the source of production materials to ensure user safety and updated production technology. Continuously aiming to produce the best quality products.

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